Generally cement masons are on contract basis and work under contractors. Some are independent in their own way by having small business or working for public development and also have small firms to work upon. Masons uses wood, plastics, or soft steel to give various shapes to their architecture. Workers work for under his supervision. Sometimes, machines are also used for improved of work by cement mesons. Cement masons should be a highly creative and talented artist because the finishing that has to be applied on every monument should be unique and eye-catching.

To become a cement meson, one has to take a three- or four-year apprenticeship program as it gives significant exposure to cement mesons for a proper qualification in his area of work and interest. Generally, a person who wants to seek admission in an apprenticeship program should have a high school diploma and math being one of the subjects. Having knowledge and skill in mechanical drawing is preferred. It is also mandatory that he should be at least eighteen years of age and should have a good health so that he should be able to work in any conditions.

During the job training, one learns the basic techniques of furnishing, designing, curving, and working with tools related to cementing and construction. Again it is necessary to have a 144 days attendance in school for a person pursuing apprenticeship program. He/she learns mathematics, drafting, drawing skills, mechanical architectural skills etc. To get the job one must contact a contractor to work on contract basis. He can also contact any unions related to construction. Or, else, he should work as a labour in any construction sites so that he gets enough exposure to contractors or unions. If one has confidence upon his abilities then he can open a small business by becoming a contractor or a supervisor in an established company.

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