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Careers in skilled trades have great benefits including:

High Earning Potential

Skilled trades are in high-demand now but as Boomers retire and the economy picks up, the demand for skilled workers will be even higher as the building trades begin to grow again. Having a degree from an accredited online skilled trade program is key to tapping into. Depending on the trade, level of skill and years of experience, a skilled worker is more likely to make higher wages and get higher and more frequent raises than unskilled workers.

Earn while you Work – Apprenticeship Programs

In addition to a skilled trade program or classroom training, some skilled trades require apprenticeships (about 4-5 years) that give you hands-on work experience. Apprenticeships allow you to work and earn an income while you learn your craft. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, apprentices make about half as much as the experienced workers training them. So if you are a plumbing apprentice and your trainer is a master plumber, he or she can make as much $76,960 a year and that means you’d make about $38,480 a year while you learn.

Career Advancement Opportunities

The opportunities for skilled tradesmen to advance are high. You can use your skills in other emerging industries such as Energy, which have a high demand for skilled workers like plumbers, electricians, pipe fitters, steamfitters and more or you can start your own business.

The Power of Union Membership

Unions have the power of collective bargaining to negotiate contracts that help skilled tradesman maintain solid wages, benefits and rights. Most unions like the IBEW offer apprenticeship programs and continuing education programs for all their members. And, continuing education courses are often little to no cost for members.

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